website security is #1.

A world-class system based on comprehensive threat identification, mitigation, and prevention, the NWLYNX Private Network provides a security level most mass-hosts simply do not. Active monitoring, public port closures, and both software and hardware security-enforced policies are just the start of a comprehensive, fanatical security program designed to protect my clients.
education = power.
When was the last time you had a conversation about security with your website developer? If you're like most small business owners, the answer is never. Today, the on-going protection of your website and customer data requires at the very least a thorough educational walk-thru and analysis as to what comprehensive security means and how achieving such a security level is vital to the healthy growth and safety of your business and brand.
absolute security.
The NWLYNX network is a private infrastructure and can accomplish security levels most mass-host providers cannot by employing comprehensive security policies on nearly every level. From hardware security like physical network firewalls, to extended server-side language security, public port closure, data security authentication policies, and advanced 3rd party authenticated plug-in policies, advanced security is around every corner.
live monitoring.
As the developer of the NWLYNX private network, I'm continually monitoring all mission-critical server logs, proactively identifying potential malicious threats and any suspicious behavior. Potential hardware and software security threats such as periodic firewall software vulnerabilities are identified and protected against by updating both hardware and software accordingly VIA manufacturer distributed patches and software updates.
why complete security matters.
Your average web designer launches a website served from a mass-host and goes away until they are required by the customer. Sound familiar? Who is monitoring the website at this point? Who is identifying new threats and proactively notifying the customer of zero-day vulnerability patches? Who identifies and lets the customer know an auto-run patch broke a 3rd party plug-in creating an all new security threat? Sadly, the answer is usually nobody. Worse yet, websites then often remain broken and unsecured for days, weeks or longer, spreading malware and infecting other users and sites. This is why I develop truly custom websites and serve them from a custom, dedicated network - where they can be properly monitored and cared for. Where security is tightly controlled not just within the website but on hardware, software, and network levels as well. I put my customers first by putting security first, it's just that important.
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